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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Galloway Photographic Collective Are Go!

Huzzah, excellent news from the other side of the Nith from the Galloway Photographic Collective that their long awaited website is now live.

This band of happy snappers are venturing furth of their computer screens and having their first Collective exhibition on Saturday 31st March at the Catsrand where renowned landscape and nature photographer Colin Prior will illuminate and educate avid followers of the art of photography.

“Following an Inner Path”
‘It takes a lot to succeed in the insanely crowded world of landscape and nature photography, and nobody knows this better than Colin Prior. Prior has built his career the hard way, going from a struggling freelancer to a highly successful pro who’s able to make a living from his passion. It’s not always been easy, and he reckons it isn’t getting any easier in this era of dirt- cheap (or free) imagery. Prior’s advice should therefore be required reading for anyone who’s thought about chancing it as a landscape pro…’

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  1. Thanks Mark/Commonty - I/we welcome the coverage from you guys.
    With this venture we are trying to show that an historically isolated pursuit, ie pro photography, can benefit from mutuality and a sharedness of marketing and spreading the word! One of our aims is to increase the 'value' of photography and highlight it as a valid art-form, in its own right.
    Times are hard in thw world of teh Arts and this is one small attempt at 'fighting-back'.
    Thanks , once again, for and on behalf of the GPC.

  2. Terrific site guys, do you accept members in Ayr!?

  3. I believe they are open to members from all parts. Good idea for you to get in touch Chris, particularly with regard to Dark Skies...

  4. Hi Chris - thank you for the message and the interest, thats cool and great news for us. We intend to look at garnering new members in the near future but I hope you understand our need to create our own identity, establish the group and get it launched from our 'core group' initially.
    Thanks again but do get in touch.