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Friday, May 17, 2013

D+G Goes Global

It would be great if D&G’s young people had the chance to be inspired by the very best the arts world has to offer, not just nationally but internationally. Well, an initiative just launched by the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Partnership (DGAP) is creating exactly that opportunity.

DGAP is inviting arts practitioners and organisations to come up with innovative ideas for Youth Arts Learning Journeys. These will be mentorships, worth up to £2,000 each, to nurture talented young people from across the region. They can benefit specific individuals or small groups of young people. 

The idea is to form partnerships with national or international artists, venues or organisations to run projects which will fire the imaginations of young people under 25 by bringing them in contact with arts practice at its best. This might mean travelling overseas to spend time with a youth theatre, dance company or filmmaker, or could mean inviting artists to D&G – it’s up to applicants to devise something exciting.

The journeys are intended to benefit young people from all parts of D&G. With that in mind funding is being offered for four or more projects. Ideally these will be spread across the region in Annandale & Eskdale, Nithsdale the Stewartry and Wigtownshire, and there will also be a short-term post for a co-ordinator.

DGAP, for anyone who hasn’t come across it before, is the organisation behind the Fresh Start for the Arts initiative which is looking at ways to build and strengthen the region’s arts sector. The learning journeys are very much in keeping with this philosophy – enabling established groups and practitioners to foster future talent.

You will find two advertised 'calls' one is for proposals for actual learning journeys - the other is for someone to act as overall coordinator for the learning journeys project If you are interested in any of the opportunities available just take a read through the information and contact Kathleen O’Neill with applications and/or questions:

If you would like further information about anything connected with Fresh Start please email Matthew Shelley at or call 07786 704299.


  1. I welcome any initiatives to assist younger people to forward their interest in the arts.

    I also wish to thank The Commonty for explaining the roles to me. After reading the full role descriptions but have to admit, I found them rather difficult to read let alone understand.

    Checking readability using the recognised SMOG Test (Simplified Measure of Gobbledygook) I was unsurprised upon the result:

    The SMOG index: 21.9
    Total words: 545
    Total number of polysyllabic words: 128

    I would urge writers to consider those without doctorates and ask for simpler and more understandable writing.

    If the roles require post graduate doctorates please just say so!

  2. You'll be the geeza who told us no to be ambitious at the CS event last week. For the purposes of the tape here is the translation.

    Were gan tae be needing a couple o' folk tae help us get mare young yins intae the arts and that. yin for each arts hub, and a radge tae make sure they are daeing it right. if ye hink ye can dae it - geez a phone or that

    Anon to Anon

  3. I dinnae ken whit ye mean about CS but the rest sunds braw