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Saturday, September 7, 2013 weekend in and 3 to go

The inaugural Environmental Art Festival Scotland kicked off in D+G last weekend and will now continue for a further three weekends for the 'Satellite Events' - this weekend EAFS moves to the spectacular setting of Annandale and Eskdale see here  and here

Initial estimates put the visitor numbers to the opening weekend at over 4000 - which is stunning for the first year of any event anywhere! The feedback we have been receiving has been almost universally positive with people talking about a warm and inclusive atmosphere....high quality evnts and artworks....opportunities to explore unfamiliar bits of the region....and, well, good craic all around. There have been a some niggles - particularly about finding venues, the way events were described and advertising and information generally. The Commonty has supported EAFS from the the get go and we'll be delighted to pass your comments on to the festival Team of Stove, Wide-Open and Spring Fling.....comment away!

There has been a wealth of material about EAFS in the press and media generally - from the Sunday Times to local artists blogs - each is of equal importance in our opinion rather than attempt another precis of last weekend - is a list of the online material that we know of - and some nice pictures. Please do add your own via comments below or by emailing to

The proper meedja:

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And for all you Facebook and Twitter junkies

John Wallace - Cinema Sark (photo Colin Hattersley)
Prof Pete Smith talks Climate Change

EAFS Gathering #1 - The Debated Land
Lanterns at Dark Outside FM

Rise and Fall of the Grey Mares Tail - James Winnett

Sporopollen - Alex Rigg and Guy Veale

The Archivist - Robbie Coleman, Jo Hodges, Dave Giblin and various artists

Sporopollen performance at Clatteringshaws Dam

Astronomer Royal for Scotland - John. C. Brown performs magic tricks at Murray Monument

Glimpse by Will Levi Marshall and Donald Urquhart

Walking the Tide - Florencia Garcia Chafuen and Jo Hodges (photo by Eleanor Johnstone)

Open Jar Collective - Milk Bar

Gimme Shelter - Pat van Boeckel and Karin van der Molen

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  1. Great to see the photos from EAFS. Many thanks to Eleanor Johnstone for her fantastic picture of Walking the Tide from The Muckle