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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Here's an interesting project I thought I'd share - from the Scottish Sculpture Workshop up in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire

"Slow Prototypes, a project curated by SSW with support from Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures programme, is taking place between August and December 2012, and will host three collaborations between contemporary artists and artists-artisans, each followed closely by a writer. Starting next Monday, Daniel Seiple (from Berlin Sculpture Park) will work alongside Gavin Smith, a local woodworker, with Paul O’Neill as writer-respondent; Roddy Buchanan (Glasgow) will work alongside a kilt-maker, with Christian Nerf (Cape Town) as writer-respondent: finally Mick Wilson (Dublin) will work alongside Merlyn Riggs, with Gabriel Gbadamosi (London) as writer-respondent."

The works produced from these collaborations are now being shown in an exhibition taking place from the 28th September to the 11th October if you find yourself in that part of the country.

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