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Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring Fling's crowdfunding success

Crowdfunding is an unusual experience, unlike any other type of fundraising. We put ourselves in the public arena to be watched, with the potential of public failure; we, and I’m sure many others who have tried crowdfunding, found this a strange and emotional experience. The most nerve-wracking element was that if we didn’t reach our goal of £3000 we would end up with nothing.
Maggie Savage - Steps beside the Grand Canal
So after a month of talking about it (a lot!), it is with deep gratitude to everyone who pledged, donated rewards, shared, blogged, posted, wrote and talked about our campaign, that we are absolutely delighted to announce we reached our goal.

Our campaign was to raise £3000 to help take Spring Fling artists and makers national in 2014. As we were successful, the plan is now for three exhibitions showcasing a selection of Spring Fling artists and makers work in The Lighthouse in Glasgow, The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle and in addition we plan to develop an exhibition with James Harvey Fine Art in London.
work by Denise Zygadlo
So a massive thank you from everyone at Spring Fling.

Watch this space for news on our national exhibitions in 2014.

With gratitude,

Leah, Tonia, The Spring Fling Board, and Spring Fling’s artists and makers

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