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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Opportunity - Public Art Research Residency with The Stove

A Public Art Research Residency based in Dumfries with The Stove Network, with outcomes that are presented as part of the TheStove@TheStove public art programme (18 month duration)

The successful applicant will be expected to spend a significant amount of time in Dumfries. During this research period the artist will conduct both archival and broadly engaged research. The Stove can assist with meaningful connections to enable this process, however the artist is expected to show initiative and have an outward facing approach to their practice. 

We are open about the direction the research may take, an example of a stepping off point might include:- Dumfries Common Good

The Stove Network is an emerging artist-led organisation based in Dumfries. The organisation is led by a Curatorial Team who in turn lead a diverse membership in excess of 100 people in projects that work creatively with local people in Dumfries and surrounding area to collectively build a new vision for the town.

We do this through developing participative artwork projects in public spaces, delivering workshops and training opportunities, providing a hub for creative practice in our region and working in partnership with other local organisations.

Timescale: July 2014 – February 2015

Budget: £8,000 + additional production budget for Required Outcome 2 to be agreed

Full brief and info on application/selection –

Deadline for Application: 14th June

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