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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Losing the Plot in Northumberland

And now for a look out of our region and to the Burnlaw Centre in Northumberland, where a film retreat is due to kick off next weekend (13th to 15th June).

'LOSING THE PLOT' is Star & Shadow's first ever venture into nature, extending the communal experience of cinema to a whole weekend away together.  
It will be a very informal but stimulating few days with a whole bunch of films, reading material, discussions, big meals and walks (if you like). 
The 'Losing the Plot' weekend film retreat is all about playing with the idea of cinema as a collective experience.  What makes going to the pictures special is being in a room with lots of other people.  The idea behind our project is to extend this communal experience from 90 minutes in the dark to a whole weekend away together in the wilderness.  The content of the weekend revolves around contemporary specialised film - documentaries, narrative films and experimental films that people keen on cinema, particularly those who live rurally, would find hard to see on the big screen.  
The Turin Horse shows at 2pm on Saturday 14th

The weekend is structured around morning, afternoon and evening screenings, with opportunities for reading, walking and eating together in the wild beauty of the north pennines.  'Losing the Plot' is a tongue in cheek way of approaching films that deviate from the norms of fast-paced, plot-driven blockbusters churned out by Hollywood.  This retreat creates space for reflecting on current trends in contemporary cinema looking at films from around the world that play around with the language of film. We are finalising the film programme at the moment, but we can already tell you that it will include some of the most exciting artist films made in the last few years…

The Stories we Tell shows on Friday 13th at 7pm

Weekend Pass: inclusive of transport, meals, accommodation, reading material and films:
£35 - Bunkbed accommodation (only 14 bunk beds available!) £20 - Camping (per person, not per tent, and you need to bring all your own camping equipment)
Single Screenings £5 per film.

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