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Friday, August 22, 2014

From Stewartry, With Love

From Cate Ross, Stewartry Arts Hub Area Convenor

As part of the D&G arts hub team, one of my main aims is to help build a sustainable and accessible information-sharing network. Another is to help develop recommendations related to future funding opportunities.
Its an ambitious task but one we are all confident about achieving as there is such a sense of drive and ambition in the D&G arts sector. Like many in the arts, we are all freelancers and our roles are fixed term and part-time, so theres a real sense of focus on getting things done.

Its a role which I believe will achieve much in terms of strengthening the foundation for a system that will continue to get DGC, Creative Scotland and other partners support into the future. After all, Dumfries & Galloway is THE creative centre of Scotland, with Stewartry (its heartland) having the greatest concentration of emerging and professional artists in the region!

So far the achievements have included:
     Communicating with artists to help build their creative practice.
     Supporting information sharing through events in community settings and public spaces across the Stewartry.
     Supporting the growing membership of Stewartry artists in the Chamber of the Arts.
     Sharing information between artists, partners and creative networks to support the sector led system of advice and steering.
     Convening events to bring local artists views, ideas and community services together supporting sustainable creative and economic developments leading to recommendations that will be made to the Stewartry Local Area Committee Area Arts Hub Plan for 2015/16.
     Championing the arts, culture, heritage and creativity of the Stewartry artists and organisations helping to better connect them with the regional, national and international arts platforms and opportunities.
     Supporting the development of new opportunities for creative practice through a region-wide consortium approach to funding applications.
     Assisting studio artists in developing independent funding applications.
     Helping deliver national projects engaging local artists, organisations and individuals for example the Queens Baton Relay event, the Luminate - Creative Aging Festival and The Environmental Art Festival Scotland.
     Supporting and encouraging creative practitioners and organisations that wish to move to the Stewartry, for example Glasgows Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre.
     The development of activities and organisations that help to deliver local needs and aspirations as well as contributing to national goals that key us into core funding lines.
     Representing Stewartry artists at the Regional Arts Hub.

Looking ahead, we want to engage creative people as guides for recommending priorities and directing funds; hopefully enmeshing creative practices with education, health, the environment, tourism, heritage and cultural events as well as supporting creativity as a thing of beauty and value in its own right.

We want to get as many people involved in shaping the arts as possible so if you want to be part of whats happening contact me at or on 07790802249.

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  1. The photo is a detail from one of the very lovely 'community paintings' made at the Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail 2014. Beautiful!