(Scots Law) A common; a piece of land in which two or more persons have a common right.



This is a regional network for 'people who work in the creative arts, are involved in the facilitation or production of the creative arts and students/those that aspire to the creative arts'. The Commonty works through this blog, which has been initially developed by a group that volunteered at the Artists Gathering in Rhonehouse in January 2011

As of June 2014 The Commonty is  being supported by DG Unlimited (the Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts).

Please have a look around the blog and do contribute to any of the posts - the whole idea is that this should be something easy, useful and interesting...we'd really welcome comments and suggestions

You will see that the majority of the posts on the blog are authored by 'The Commonty' - there is nothing mysterious here. The way this works is that people send news, ideas, info on events by email to   and there are a few people who have volunteered to administer the blog by posting submitted material on the site - they do this under the collective 'author' name of The Commonty...typically you will see 'So and so sent this in....' at the beginning of a post. 

Please send an email to  and you will then be on a list to receive emails telling you when major new information has been added to the blog and also invites to Commonty events etc.

After that it is up to you.. however little or much you want to get involved - by commenting on the blog, sending in information to post or making contact with other creative people in the region to work together on projects.....or just looking at the blog occasionally for interest. 
(If you want to help administer the blog we'd also be delighted to hear from you)

Sending info to be posted on the blog.... 

  • Please send written material as a word document or pasted into the body of your email (PDF format is not easy for us...but if that is all you have then better to send it than not!)
  • Please send us an image with your material - the visual aspect of teh blog is one of its strengths...if you don't send something then we will look for an appropriate image for you
  • Send your material to 
NB - it is NOT possible for people to make their own posts direct onto the site ...but you can make comment on posts. If you have material to post you need to go through the process described above. For info on 'commenting' etc see - here 

We have all enjoyed getting this off the ground so far and are now excited to see what will happen next - whatever that is, our intention was to make something that made stronger links throughout the creative community across the region - hopefully this is something that many people will see value in and help to happen from here on

How does The Commonty work?

There is no selection process for membership of The Commonty – anyone who is part of any creative endeavour in Dumfries and Galloway can join. (Please note: The Commonty is not a trade association, we are about furthering creativity rather than purely commercial gain)
The Commonty works through a blog site –
To join the network send an email to                                                               
You will receive a ‘welcome’ email back from the group that will also ask that you consider extending an invitation to The Commonty to the people that you might collaborate with from other sectors (eg web design, renewable energy, historians, materials suppliers, community groups  etc).
If you have news about a new project or a discovery, an opportunity/ event or just an insight to share – then email it to the Commonty address and it will be posted on the site. (NB this may not be instant because all of this is done by volunteers).
Everyone is free and able to add ‘comments’ to posts on the blog at any time. (These may be censored if something genuinely offensive is added).
When a new set of posts is added to the blog then an email will be circulated to the whole membership informing them that new material is available online. TOP go to the sidebar of the blog and click to 'follow' The Commonty, doing this makes you visible to others as part of the network and is a useful marketing tool for people to find you and your work online


  1. Sad to see The Commonty using its blog to disseminate overt politicking in the independence debate. You should be riskng above that!

  2. Thanks Fiona.The Commonty is entirely neutral on everything - all it does is post the material that is sent to the blog.
    But, The Commonty was set up to be the common property of all of us in the arts in D+G - so if you want to propose a rule about censoring certain subjects please do so either here in the comments or by sending an email that we can post on blog. The blog works collectively and democratically - so please do suggest away!

  3. Fiona - could you tell us what politicking you are concerned about so that we can move this conversation to the post in question and others will be able to find the conversation and contribute. Ta!

  4. I was referring to the posting you sent out on 31st August, promoting the views of Artists for Independence. I take on board what you say about neutrality. I don't see it as 'neutral' to allow access to your mailing list for overtly political material from either side!

  5. Hi Fiona - thanks. We do not allow access to our mailing list to anyone at all - whoever they are. We post material on the blog (some people have signed up as members of the blog and they receive notifications by email of posts that have gone up on the blog....we do not send these - it is an automatic service provided by Google - that people opt into). When a blog post has gone up we post a link to Twitter and Facebook - these are seen by people who 'follow' Commonty on Twitter or 'like' Commonty on Facebook. We also send out a weekly email to our mailing list (made up of people who have emailed us asking to join) this has a bit of news and some highlights from the weeks activity on the Blog.

    We would never and never have given any individual or organisation access to our mailing list.

    We receive a lot of political press releases and information sent to The Commonty - we judge each one against the same criteria 'Is it specifically related to arts and culture' - if it passes this test then we post it. The Commonty is open-access for anyone. If Better Together sent us something connected to artists we would post it.

    It is maybe an interesting point to debate about whether culture can or should be separated from politics...or whether they are better together?