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Friday, March 18, 2011

D+G music scene

It's all happening down here but why are we not celebrating it?
 When Calvin Harris burst onto the world stage Dumfries and Galloway should have shouted from the rooftops... he's from these parts, check out what else we've got going on! Why are we not actively promoting, advertising, recognising the wealth of musical/creative talent coming out of these parts...
Below are some examples of musicians, bands and events, (of which there are many many more) from D&G. Do we know about these people? Does the rest of the Scotland/UK/world know that they all come from an extremely creative region in South West Scotland? Why not?

Rudi Zygadlo (just released a critically acclaimed album on Planet Mu) 

 Finding Albert (just released and touring their first album, played King Tuts Wa Wa Hut in Glasgow last week... respected venue that launched Oasis)
Emma's Imagination (winner of Sky One's Must be the Music)

The Common Empire (Massive local following after gigging throughout Scotland and playing festivals like the Wickerman)
Room 19 (Young band from Dumfries that seem to making a bit of a name for themselves) 
There are a number of electro music nights taking place, attracting some of the biggest DJ’s around the UK into the region... also some of those established DJ’s are also from the region  
check out: Funktion    and The Nut House

Scottish Soulful Weekender (massive international line up of DJ’s, promoters, bands planned to play at the Cairndale hotel in Dumfries over 3 days in November). 

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