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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How does The Commonty work?

There is no selection process for membership of The Commonty – anyone who is part of any creative endeavour in Dumfries and Galloway can join. (Please note: The Commonty is not a trade association, we are about furthering creativity rather than purely commercial gain)
The Commonty works through a blog site –
To join the network send an email to                                              
Giving us additional info (phone, website etc) is not essential, however, it might be useful in the future – The Commonty operates a completely closed information policy outwith our membership – we will never share your information with anyone without your express permission                 
You will receive a ‘welcome’ email back from the group that will also ask that you consider extending an invitation to The Commonty to the people that you might collaborate with from other sectors (eg web design, renewable energy, historians, materials suppliers, community groups  etc).
If you have news about a new project or a discovery, an opportunity/ event or just an insight to share – then email it to the Commonty address and it will be posted on the site. (NB this may not be instant because all of this is done by volunteers).
Everyone is free and able to add ‘comments’ to posts on the blog at any time. (These may be censored if something genuinely offensive is added).
When a new set of posts is added to the blog then an email will be circulated to the whole membership informing them that new material is available online.

TOP go to the sidebar of the blog and click to 'follow' The Commonty, doing this makes you visible to others as part of the network and is a useful marketing tool for people to find you and your work online

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