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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Congos - Open up the Gate

A chilly Wednesday evening in Dumfries saw a mixture of past their groove by date hipsters and the energetic young crustocracy come together to see the legendary Congos take over the Venue. 

Many of us desperately trying to catch up on our rebellious youth, felt ready for the Horlicks by 10.30pm, after an energetic set by astoundingly good support act Brynovsky. However, all notions of beddington were kicked out of the welcoming duvet when an array of greying dreadlocked Jamaicans trooped on to the small stage at the venue and proceeded to turn the volume up to 11.

With a combined age of approaching 1003, The Congos managed to induce the coma afflicted oldies into indulging in a bout of infectious toe tapping, hip swaying rhythmic gyrations and a brief glimpse into the past, when they didn't dance like their dad.

A fantastic night for all who attended and huge tip of the hat to The Venue management and Jah Ecosse for bringing this incredible band to Dumfries. More of the same please.

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  1. Well your review is much funnier than mine but to the very same conclusion - Respect to The Congos! And maybe a Dumfries Reggae Club in the making ...