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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"in support of Libraries, Books, Words, Ideas … & All things *magic*.

In a quiet surreptitious manner an anonymous artist has been leaving the most beautifully crafted gifts in some of Edinburgh's creative hotspots.

In March a 'poet-tree' was discovered at the Scottish Poetry Library. The only clue a paper tag with the poetry libraries Twitter tag @byleaveswelive

A few weeks later another paper sculpture was left in the foyer of the @Filmhouse cinema  showing a tiny version of author Ian Rankine in the cinema enjoying a pint of his favourite beverage, Deuchars, while tiny horses leapt out from the screen.

Next up was the Scottish Story telling centre @ScotStoryCentre where staff discovered in the Robert Louis Stevenson room, the following incredibly detailed work.

Bearing the enchanting line "Once upon a time there was a book, and in the book was a nest, and in the nest was an egg, and in the egg was a dragon, and in the dragon was a story."

The last piece to be discovered comprised of a gramophone and a coffin created out of Rankine's final Rebus novel 'Exit Music'.  

Its message proclaimed 'For @natlibScot - a gift in support of Libraries, Books, Words, Ideas...(& against their exit)'

In a plot suiting one of Rankine's murder mysteries the identity of the anonymous sculptor has flummoxed the good and the great. The cynic in me thinks it could be a clever viral marketing campaign for the cities arts, but then again, how often do bureaucrats come up with something deliciously clever as this?

Fingers have been gently motioned in the direction of various artists, all who've put their hands up with the obligatory 'not me Guv' proclamation. 

Whoever it is, thank you. Please come to Dumfries and Galloway and leave us some of your  precious reminders of just how important culture is.

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  1. They're exquisite! Yes, something in the Tea Room at Penpont would be the very dab.

  2. Imagine what the anonymous sculptor could make out of Penpont lad Joseph Thompson's worthy tome, 'Through Masai Land - A Journey of Exploration Among the Snowclad Volcanic Mountains and Strange Tribes of Eastern Equatorial Africa'?

  3. How about a resplendant phoenix nesting in the doorway of the Stove?

  4. Only if it were made out of the councils Cultural Strategy document.