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Monday, September 19, 2011

1957 Flying Scot - 27th Sept, Wigtown

from Hugh Bryden

Is it a poetry reading?
Is it a jazz performance?
Is it an exhibition?
Is it a book launch?
Aye, all of these
Will it be a good night out?
Of course it will.

1957 Flying Scot with
poetry by Rab Wilson,
jazz by Ben Bryden quintet,
linocuts by Hugh Bryden.

Wigtown Book Festival
Tuesday 27th September
7:30 tickets £6:50

1 comment:

  1. Highly recommended! I heard Ben Bryden play sax alongside Rab's reading at The Bakehouse last month, and it was magic. Ben will be back this time with his band. I'd hesitate to say it will be even better, but definitely a different (and bigger) kind of magic.

    Also Rab promises to have the bike onstage.