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Thursday, October 6, 2011

IN THE WATER I AM BEAUTIFUL Kim Keever & Bruce Checefsky.

Kim Keever & Bruce Checefsky
Curated by Savannah Spirit.

OCT 4 - Nov 1

While peering into an alternate universe, such as Kim Keever has created using a 200 gallon glass tank filled with water, it's easy to get lost in the hidden chasms of his landscapes. Bruce Checefsky's flower scans embed themselves so naturally inside Kim's photographs you would think their works are a collaborative effort. Traversing from the macro to the micro and then back again, these artists work in non-traditional photography. Keever's process begins with the tank while bursts of paint languorously form into clouds filling crevasses of miniature flora and fauna. If you zoom in even closer you can imagine Checefsky's garden full of luscious color and sublime movement created by a scanner mounted to a tripod, sometimes catching a petal moving it at will. When your eyes wander through the landscape, simultaneously stopping where the flowers are nestled, it's as if this world does exist somewhere and how special that place would be.
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