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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Artists Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman selected for Dark Skies Park Residency

from Jan Hogarth 

Artists, Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman have been selected to undertake an exciting residency in Galloway’s Dark Skies Park. The residency, funded by Creative Scotland, aims to engage artists in the stunning landscape of the Dark Skies Park which is also in line for getting biosphere status.
Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges
The artists residency will explore links between art, science, nature and sustainability, looking at connections between human activity and ecology and placemaking.
Jo and Robbie are based in Dumfries and Galloway. Robbie is a sculptor creating both permanent and temporary work, as well as working in video and performance. Jo has a background in Human Ecology and specializes in site-specific interactive work that involves communities. She has worked with The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, The National Museum of Scotland and The National Portrait Gallery in London.
Both artists are interested in site specific, temporary work and new strategies for creating work in the public space and have collaborated on various projects over the last 10 years. They are looking forward to the opportunity to work with the Dark Skies. Jo says;
“We both live on the edge of the Park and are looking forward to considering The Park’s nature, impact and the potential role of artists within it.
We will be investigating the designation and meaning of place as well as exploring our relationship with the night sky and looking at how developments in astronomy and cosmology relate to identity and heritage.
Individually we have different interests and approaches and we expect that our dialogue during the residency will inform the outcome.”
The project has been developed by Wide Open (South Scotland)  and the residency is part of a programme of projects which have links with the Dark Skies Park and the Biosphere. Wide Open’s Creative Director Jan Hogarth says,
“The area has attracted much interest by artists interested in the whole idea of a Dark Skies Park and Biosphere. This is an exciting time with lots of creative collaborations between arts and science. We are very excited about what great ideas Jo and Robbie will develop as part of the residency.”
The residency research is underway and the outcome is expected to be created in the Autumn of 2012.

For more information please contact
Jan Hogarth
tel. 07801232229


  1. Very much looking forward to chatting to them! And potentially synching our ventures!

    1. That sounds great Chris, look forward to meeting you.