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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Momentous news for those who love the big questions in of Scotland's most controversial artists is coming to speak at the Crichton (Dumfries) at the end of the month. Sandy Stoddart is a true original and one of the most eloquent and erudite speakers you will ever hear....whether you agree with him is quite another thing - but what a boring world if we all agreed with each other.

Alexander Stoddart 2008                                   Antoine Bourdelle 1908
Sandy Stoddart makes 'proper' art, but do not be deceived, his is not a nostalgic yearning for another age - this is deadly serious application of classical and neo-classical principles for our contemporary age.

Born in Edinburgh, he attended the John Neilson School in Paisley then entered Glasgow School of Art. He works from his studio in Paisley and you may know him for works such as the James Clerk Maxwell monument in George St and his David Hume on the Royal Mile (both Edinburgh). One of his earliest major works was the set of classical figures on the street and rooftops around the Italian Centre in Glasgow's Merchant City....he re-mortgaged his house to finish that one.He has recently been appointed 'Sculptor in Ordinary to the Queen in Scotland'

Sandy is a genuine one-off in the scottish cultural world - he always seems to draw the best from those who debate with him...hero of the old guard and bogeyman of the modernistas

At the Crichton he will speak on ' Scotland's Special Philistinism; The Problem of Dynamism in Scottish Cultural Life' - miss it if you dare

Tuesday 28th February 2012  @ 7.30pm
Gilchrist Room, Easterbrook Hall, Crichton Campus, Dumfries
Tickets £4.50 (Students free with valid ID)
Advance bookings - call 01387 702047/8

Posted by MB (NB this is not exactly the official Crichton Foundation publicity material - but I wasn't asked to post it on The Commonty so I figured I could adapt it a bit)

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