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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is Christo Bad for the Environment?

Asks 'Big Think' magazine:
'....Like doctors, artists should obey one rule above all, “To do no harm.” When you’re Christo and you specialize in “environmental art,” that rule takes on an even greater importance. Christo’s latest project, titled “Over the River,” hopes to hang 5.9 miles of "silvery, translucent" panels along the Arkansas River between Canon City and Salida, Colorado. The people of Colorado, however, fearing a whole slew of negative effects to their home state, hope to hang up the process long enough to make Christo give up. In looking back at Christo’s past works and at the possible effects of this future piece, it’s imperative that we ask if Christo is bad for the environment.'

full article - here 

proposal sketch - 'Over the River'
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  1. Compare and contrast with Mr Juncks' timid lawn-art. This is the kind of ambition that Scotland deserves to explore our border- environmental art that asks profound questions and is substantive enough to attract a new audience.

  2. I saw Christo's Wrapped Reichstag (Berlin) and Wrapped Trees (Basel). They were absolutely magical and in both cases, pieces of fabric were distributed among visitors. I have bits of each and they are hugely treasured possessions. If the people of Colorado don't appreciate their river being wrapped, please, Christo - come and do the Teviot instead.