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Friday, February 10, 2012

Summerhills Green Spaces Art Project - call for artists

We can’t change the whole world, BUT we can make a difference and raise awareness in our own small community. “Think Global – Act Local”
(Quote taken from a presentation made by ‘The Base Youth Project’ for its Environmental Challenge Project.)
Artists are invited to apply for a public art commission and associated community engagement programme at Summerhill in North West Dumfries as part of Neighbourhood Renewal, one of the Dumfries and Galloway region’s major regeneration projects.
'The Base' Youth Project
The project is being developed by the Summerhill community through a Management Team which includes local residents, in particular members of The Base Youth Project . They have been central to setting a theme for the commission which is to connect to environmental issues and impacts and their effect on the world (Nature and Humans’ place within it and our subsequent impact on it, both locally and globally.) The commission is also being supported by Dumfries and Galloway Council, through its Neighbourhood Renewal and Community Learning and Development sections.
This is an exciting opportunity for an artist to become involved in a commission to develop and implement work in line with “New Perspectives” – Play in the Landscape (Earthworks and Landforms), articulated in more detail in the North West Dumfries public art commission plan, and to engage people through public art to celebrate their communities’ distinctiveness and sense of place.
There is a budget of £22,000 for all fees and capital works. Work on developing the artwork concept is scheduled to start in late March 2012 and site installation is to be completed in September/October 2012.
The commission is being funded by the Holywood Trust and Dumfries and Galloway Council, and Project Managed by ARTS UK.
The commission brief can be downloaded from the Public Contracts Scotland website you must register and note your interest in this opportunity before you will receive the Invitation to Tender (ITT) document. Registering is a simple, quick process. Once you have registered, search for ‘Dumfries and Galloway’ and then ‘Current Tenders’.  By registering, you can also receive alerts to similar future opportunities with all Public Sector organisations in Scotland.

Deadline for notes of interest is 5pm, Monday 27 February 2012. The deadline for tender submission is 12 noon, Wednesday 6 March 2012.
Please note this deadline has been extended since the advert was originally published on The Commonty (people who have already registered interest on the Public Contracts website will also be notified of the change)
Link to newest version of the tender - here 

NB - see notes about applying for this commission in the comments below you WILL have to register with Scottish Public Contracts in order to register interest in the part of that registering process you will be asked for a DUNS number - you can ignore this and just carry on through the registering process



  2. We've just worked our way through the application process for this opportunity as a test. It IS a bit clunky - but do persevere this project does deserve a good artist. AS the ad says you need to register yourself as a 'supplier' first and then make your way through various bits and bobs about receiving notifications etc of future tenders. PLEASE NOTE (1)...when you get back to the Homepage (as a registered supplier) you then need to 'Browse Notices' and click on 'Advanced Search'...this allows you to enter 'Dumfries and Galloway' in the 'authority' box. PLEASE NOTE (2) - because the deadline for the project has been changed - the original notice is cancelled...we are assured a new one will be up very soon.....hang in there people - Summerhill needs you!

  3. new version of the tender documents for this commission now available