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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sara Lockwood - Contemporary Dance

Introducing a new member of The Commonty - Sara Lockwood has been teaching Contemporary Dance in D&G for 7 years

Courses in New Galloway, Rhonehouse, Dumfries and Dalbeattie - these include:

“HEALTH PLAY”  age3-4 & age 5-6 music, a song, a story, a rhyme, an idea, a mood, an object combine in this delightful dance syllabus for pre-school and early years. Improvisation and mime form an integral part of each session thus helping each child to develop    physically,socially,emotionally & intellectually. Each child learns to explore the dance space and share ideas in a fun and space environment.

"CHILDRENS GRADES AND YOUTH DANCE"  age 7-9   age 10+ These dance exercises are designed to improve posture, breathing, flexibility, balance, agility, co-ordination, strength and concentration. The Children's Grades combined with free expression and composition help the individual to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. These classes encourage a creative mind alongside a broad movement vocabulary
“ADULT DANCE COLOURS & CHOREOGRAPHY” Dance for fun and fitness while you develop a sound dance vocabulary,increase flexibility,spinal mobility,strength and stamina using travelling steps, elevation and balance. The basic introduction of co-ordinated breathing and movement provides an extra quality to the dance exercises and an enhanced sense of well being. We explore variations on the dance colour exercises -beginning with a simple movement- a walk, travelling step, a jump ,a turn - we interpret using a variety of music genres and moods and develop this into a piece of movement choreography. Each class concludes with a relaxation.
Sara is the Scottish Rep. of International Association of Margaret Morris Movement

more info on course times, costs etc  - here

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