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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Youth Beatz 2012 at risk?

Not so good news this morning for Youth Beatz, the FREE music festival organised by the young adults at Oasis. The event, which has taken place for the past three summers at the Dock Park in Dumfries, has received a lot of praise from the town, the police, parents and fans. Anywhere between 9-11,000 fans have seen major acts like NDubz, Chipmunk and Basshunter perform for the crowds and given great exposure to local bands like Finding Albert.
According to reports on the BBC website, the festival has lost some external funding and risks being forced to introduce admission charges of £4 and £5.
A report goes before the Nithsdale area committee later this month. Hopefully councillors are fully aware that introducing admission fees, changes the nature of the event, at the risk of undoing a lot of the good work done by and for the young people of Dumfries.

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