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Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Transforms a Cottage into a Sofa

Spring Fling Surprise for Diamond Jubilee Weekend......if you fancy an alternative to polythene union jacks....maybe Couch is the answer

Artist Alice Francis is about to wrap the entire outside of a traditional Galloway cottage in floral stretch fabric.The temporary piece of public art has been commissioned as part of Spring Fling 2012

Alice says: “I want to encourage people to question appearances, and perhaps to shake
off some of the conventions that we all get stuck with. People have a limitless capacity forexpression, fun and communication-but in Britain we tend to be very restrained in what we feel we can and can’t do.”

Her new work, called Couch, will be created on 31 May and will be up from the duration of Spring Fling which takes place over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee long weekend from 2-5 June. 

The artist will be on site some of the time so passers-by can stop and chat about the
creation - if they can see her. Another part of the project will be to make herself a trouser suit out of the same material, meaning she could all but vanish from view.

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