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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Licencing Laws...still a live issue - an opportunity

from Freida Dyson

On the subject of the Public Entertainment Licensing Laws, SAU have been in touch with me recently. They have contacted every local council on the matter, and have got replies from the majority.  They are looking for help in following up and tabulating the results, and are willing to pay a fee.  
At the moment, I haven't the time to do it, but have you any idea who might be willing to take on this task, and would it be worth  putting it in the Commonty?  The person to contact is Rowena Comrie:

In the meantime - here is a really short consultation survey being carried out by Glasgow City Council - please do take the time to complete it - we need Councils to understand that this is an important issue for the future of the arts

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