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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ali's lost van

Dear all - many of you will know Ali Jeffrey (sculptor - ex of Orchardton and Corsock) below is a letter from Bill Barlow explaining the disaster that has befallen Ali and asking for help:

Dear Friends 
You may know by now that Ali (Jeffrey) had her van stolen 11 days ago (May 25th) with her whole life inside. Everything was taken, not just the van itself which was her home, her mobile base in the world and her transport, but all her tools, including chainsaw and power tools, clothes, camera, bike, musical saw, personal possessions and some of her best drawings. She's been advised that the van was probably in a container ship on its way to Africa even before she had time to report it to the police. This was down near Brighton. Needless to say, Ali is devastated.

one of Ali's recent sculptures

Ali will claim what she can from her insurance. The van and personal contents were covered, but not any tools. However, whatever she gets will no way cover the cost of a replacement vehicle, especially as she had done the camper conversion herself. It was an old Mercedes Sprinter - popular in Africa! So I am writing to all her friends to see how much we can collect for her. This is solely my own idea, because I know that she really needs a lift right now, and does not come from Ali herself. However, Ali is aware of what I am doing, and if you want to contact her to check this all out, or just to commiserate, you can contact me at . I know that various email sob story scams have been going around, so do please convince yourself that this is not one of those!

If you would like to make any contribution at all, be it £1 or £100, either in your own name or anonymously - please contact me on the email address above and I will give you the bank details for an account in which we are collecting money for Ali.

with gratitude


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