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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Murder at Greyfriars

from Eva Milroy

'Scene 1 Take 1', the DG One based youth film club, is premiering its latest short film, in association with The Robert the Bruce Trust - 'Murder at the Greyfirars'.
WIth the premiere taking place today, Wednesday, 20 June at the Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries, a six-month project is coming to an end. From script development, to arranging for a full cast and crew of at least 45 people to filming at Amisfield Tower at the end of April this was organised by the youngsters of 'Scene 1 Take 1' (see attached photos)
Full costumes and weaponry were sourced and used, as well as holding auditions for all roles, and filling them successfulloy with a very talented group of local performers.
The film is the centrepiece for an exhibition being run in Dumfries town centre by the Bruce Trust, over this summer.
Murder at the Greyfriars, was directed by 15 year old Sebastian Summers, and all members are credited for their roles from Producing to Camera to Sound etc.
The Bruce's party
Professional film makers came down from Edinburgh to help the group having heard what a special club 'Scene1 Take 1' is. David Barras of Strangeboat Films, who himself has just released his Feature film 'Electric Man', really wanted to help the club and increase the education of those involved.
Finally, Lee Vann-Wakelin, who runs the club can not be more proud of the fantastic end product. "It is filmed better then any film we have done before, has had a great input from start to finish then ever before and also there is a real sense that this group of members can achieve anything in the near future..... ".
The Comyn's party
Couple the above with the fact that 'Scene 1 Take 1' will be running film making summer clubs this summer at DGOne and you really get a feel for what areas the youth in Dumfries are interested in and the skills and talent that is sitting with them.

Come and see the young people and watch the film at the premier at the Robert Burns Centre on Wednesday, 20 June at 1800 hrs.

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