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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Roofless @ Moniaive

Saturday 8 September 2012, Moniaive - Glencairn Memorial Institute
10am – 11am
Balloon Modelling with Joanna McLeman Gisbey,

12pm – 7pm
Glencairn Memorial Institute Showcase
A drop-in event featuring screenings of a specially created DVD, “Farming and Fighting ; Glencairn 1912-1921,” written and narrated by AB Hall, and a digital presentation featuring the Institute, by Duncan Saunderson.
1pm – 5pm
Buzzbeak at Moniaive Primary School Playground
A giant robotic musical bird, made from a Land Rover by the Artist Sumit Sarkar. Get involved by bringing along some of your favourite music and Buzzbeak will remix it and play it back. Buzzbeak’s recordings will be turned into a specially created piece of music by which will be performed at the final Halls of Fame event in Dumfries on Sunday 16 September. The poet Ryan Van Winkle will be making a special guest appearance.
Community Performance
A multi-media celebration of Glencairn Memorial Institute over the last century, performed by members of the Moniaivecommunity.
The Institute
Moniaive Musical Theatre Group
The Brownies
The Bells of St Ninians
Moniaive Primary School
Glencairn and Tynron Horticultural Society
Wendy Stewart
Darcy DaSilva
Glencairn SWRI

Soundscape by Ali Burns and The Glencairn Chorus
Script by Rab Wilson
Choreography by Julie Swift and Emma Park
Drumming by Ian Holmes Lewis
Photographs by Ricky James
Art work by Joanna McLeman Gisbey
Directed by Anne Errington

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