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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Controversial Demolition Plans in Dumfries

from Luke Moloney

Dumfries & Galloway Council have just, on Wednesday 28th November, given Conservation Area Consent for the unnecessary demolition of a group of five historic buildings situated in the centre of our ‘Outstanding Conservation Area’ on a key m
edieval route (9th/10thC) from High St to river crossing (existing stone bridge of 1432, which replaced a timber bridge from 1260s). These pretty 17thC and early 18thC buildings on the Friars Vennel, which may be much older, were referred to by Historic Scotland in a letter to the Council last year as “probably the oldest buildings on the street”.

However, an overwhelming number of the people in Dumfries are very angry about this decision, which appears to be incompetent and corrupt.
Therefore, we believe that it is not yet too late to try to save these buildings.

There are two possibilities:

1. Historic Scotland calls this decision in, examines the evidence - and the buildings - and throws the decision out vigorously. (We have requested this. It is what SHOULD happen, and this is what we hope for.)

2. Otherwise, there is the possibility of requesting a Judicial Review on this decision, and various individuals and organisations in Dumfries are keen to support this action. It is hoped that, pending the outcome of this, an interdict can be sought from the Sheriff in the meantime to prevent the demolition of the buildings, as this action would - obviously - be irreversible.

These are perfectly useful and attractive buildings, which could and should be sensitively repaired and brought back into use. Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust have offered to work with D&G Council on a conservation-led regeneration of the buildings on this site; but D&G Council have been pursuing their demolition, and replacement with a new block of social housing, which will destroy the historic setting of this important medieval Scottish street, which has so far entirely escaped the ravages of modern clearance and redevelopment.

Please spread the word – and if you are able to support Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust in any way, in this campaign, we would be tremendously grateful.

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