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Friday, December 7, 2012

CS Stooshie...end of round one

As predicted, it was quite a week for the region and the arts nationally.....Andrew Dixon resigned, Venu Dhupa came visiting, the region sent a letter to the papers and caused a wee stooshie of our own. Then today the long (!) awaited response from the CS Board finally arrived.

We'll say nothing save that the initial response from the national sector seems to have been pretty positive - people are pleased that a) specialist staff at CS have been listened to and will be more involved in decision making b) artists will be more involved in the organisation generally c) core funding for organisations will be looked at again d) 'Strategic commissioning' (ie CS thinking up projects and then commissioning them) will be shelved for now.

The full report from the Board is here

There is an interactive version of the document (where you can leave your own comments here)

There does seem to be a general positive feeling about what everyone can make of CS if they work together now.....all seems very familiar to us down here of course by now....see us - see zeitgeist - aye right

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