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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Following The End Premiers

Scene1take1 the local Dumfries based Youth Film Making Club is having the premier of their latest film 'Following The End'.

This is the film that they required Southerness lighthouse to be lit for. We would welcome all to come view the film, it would be nice to get people in to see what an amazing end result the group has made.

The film is directed by 16 year old Jacob Adam, and Written by Sam Thomson and Carol Armstrong, the Music has been written and performed by Kerry Todd.

All of these are club members, every element of the film has been done solely by the group members and not adults (though they were under supervision.)

The times for the Premier are Tuesday 18th of December at the Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre at 6pm..... 6.20pm and 6.40pm..... tickets are free and bookings can be made direct to the RBCFT or through contact with lee vann-wakelin

Parents of club members will need to book like everyone else.

If you are a school and wish to see the quality of Scene1take1 films for future consideration of us please too come along.

Photo by Brian Kerr.

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