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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sandy - never accused of holding back

Sandy Stoddart who was one of the highlights of last years Crichton Conversations - has criticised the planned removal of some of the statues from Glasgow's George typically understated terms: 
The Queen's Sculptor in Scotland has compared the removal of the statues from Glasgow's main civic space with the Taliban's destruction of the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan a decade ago. 

Sandy Stoddart: Deplores the removal of George Square statues
Sandy Stoddart made the claim in a devastating criticism of the city council's proposed revamp of George Square. He accused it of sacrificing the "riot of peace, empathy, calm, diligence, philanthropy and tranquility" generated by the dozen statues for "the cause of tents and events, funded by Coca-Cola and fuelled by MacDonald's. 

This is a story that will have many twists and turns before the completion of the project in 2014 the full story in The Herald (and the full text of Sandy's letter) - here

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