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Friday, January 11, 2013

Earwigging at the Steamie

The first in an occasional series featuring shameless gossip from the knitting bees of the SouthWest......well, you'll have heard about this Environmental Art Festival thing? Seems as if there will be a public announcement early in February about how folk can get involved...and another thing, there really is not that much money involved in it - BUT apparently it could turn into something pretty amazing and useful if everyone puts best foot forward for the region.....and stick it tae the Central Belt eh....them and their 'kin Flexible Funding. Talking of things that started small and are building up nicely....see that Big Burns Supper - weel word is that tickets are selling real fast and if you want to go to anything you'd better book you say...aye everyone is doing it. See that Big Burns Supper and their swanky new building in the middle of Dumfries, well the cooncil has noticed too - they are now thinking that maybe a big shiny cultural centre is not such a clever idea and maybe the whole of Dumfries could be a cultural centre made up of wee happening things like Theatre royal, Moat Brae, The Stove, Burns Centre and Big Burns Supper.....did we no tell them that a while back.....AYE....but wheest they think it is their idea noo. And see those fine folk in Stranraer well they are at it now tae....see that fine Ann House on Bellevilla St - the local artists got together this afternoon to see about turning that into artist studio....who needs a ferry when you can have an Art Town - so it is.

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