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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alisdair Roberts @ Mill Sessions

"Alisdair Roberts is most definitely a singer and songwriter who will be regarded as one of the greats of his generation. He is currently touring following the release of his new album ‘A Wonder Working Stone’ which has been described as “the work of a songwriter at the top of his game; inspired by tradition but equally inspired to break from it, fired by collaboration and freed to follow his muse wherever it may soar, like the ptarmigans that spread their wings through several of these songs. Few can fly higher." 

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear him live at The Mill on The Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet. The lovely acoustic of the Faed Gallery is perfect for him and this is an opportunity to get close to some very special music-making and hear every note and every word of his powerful art.

Hugh and Moira Taylor will be opening the evening. As always, it will be in the Faed Gallery. Be there by 7:20pm please. Reserved but unpaid tickets will be released for sale at 7:20pm. Tickets are £8.

Please ring The Mill on 01557 814099 to reserve your tickets, or call in to book. You can also reserve tickets by ringing Ken Smyth on 01557 814458 or Deirdre Carlisle on 01557 814647"

Mill Sessions on facebook and online here 

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