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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carlyle Society's Publishing Work

The Ecclefechan Carlyle Society have been keeping busy:

Two wonderfully detailed volumes of The Book of Carlaverock, which was originally produced as a limited run of 150 in 1873 and for private circulation only have been published.

In the pipeline: Three volumes being produced in Association with the Bonshaw Preservation:- A Guide to Annan, which has been completed and is now for sale on the website; The Book of the Irving's which is in the final stages of production; and a lovely little book entitled Carlingford Bay (in Northern Ireland) which has been completed and is awaiting publication.

The Armstrong's of Liddesdale is almost complete too and will be joining the others on the web site when it is ready.

The Society are an active bunch, who set up in 2008 to research and promote the life and literary career of Carlyle whilst also acknowledging and studying the prolific letter writing skills of his wife Jane Welsh Carlyle.

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