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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drunk Chickens at Wigtown Book Festival

Local author Mary Smith is appearing at the Wigtown Spring Weekend where she will read from Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women and talk about the lives of the women who inspired her to write the book.

She’ll be reading some short extracts from the book and taking along artefacts from Afghanistan, such as embroidery and clothing including the all-enveloping burqa – which people can try on to experience how it feels to wear it.

Joyce Watson of The Old Bank Bookshop said: “We are very lucky to be hosting Mary’s event at the Old Bank Bookshop in Wigtown during our Spring Weekend.  Her book Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni promises to be an amazing insight into the REAL lives of Afghan women, so often eclipsed by the headlines in Afghanistan.” 

People will have the opportunity to buy a signed copy of Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women. The event begins at 4.30 pm on Saturday, May 04 at The Old Bank Bookshop.

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