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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Six Stages at the Arts Festival

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival are celebrating the creativity of the region at this year’s Festival with a series of six very special events. Each has been curated by an active member of our region’s artistic community and as a whole they represent the diversity of the offering in Dumfries and Galloway, including classical, folk music, new media and literature.
The first event forms a special preview before the festival on Saturday 18 May between 10.30pm and midnight. Liminal is an exciting new piece presented by Sid Ambrose and featuring the work of new media artists Helson and Jackets. Taking place on Cardoness Beach near Gatehouse of Fleet, moving images will be projected on to a giant orb to breath taking effect. 
Liminal - Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets
One Day in May is presented by Kirkmahoe Concerts and features a wide variety of music, fusion and spoken word in the Kirkmahoe parish. A great success at last year’s Festival.
Kirkcudbright On Song has been curated by KirkcudbrightSummer Festivities, and will highlight the importance of songs and singer-songwriters through a varies programme of gigs and workshops.
Greyfriars Concerts regularly brings fantastic music to the region. With London Soloists Ensemble in Residence, they will be featuring a varied and exciting programme aimed at bringing new audiences to the genre, as well as exciting regular classical music enthusiasts.
Moffat Book Events is dedicated to promoting the arts, heritage culture and science of and for Moffat. Hearts and Minds will be launching the book of one of Moffat’s most famous literary daughters, D. E. Stevenson followed by scones in the garden and Dickens in the theatre.
Big Lit Day, presented by The Bakehouse in Gatehouse of Fleet, will offer a 12 hour celebration of all things literary, from poetry to prose, theatre, music, workshops, exhibitions and ‘happenings’.

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  1. Great to see Helson and Jackets making work locally again!