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Friday, April 12, 2013

This week with Fresh Start for the Arts

from Matthew Shelley
Once again the Fresh Start team has found itself tapping into a deep wellspring of passion about the future of the arts in D&G. Yesterday we held two more public meetings where Peter Stark OBE led discussion around how the sector can build for the future – addressing weaknesses and consolidating its strengths.
This time the meetings were at The Stove, in Dumfries, and at Moffat Old Well Theatre – following on from sessions in New Galloway and Newton Stewart. It was particularly good to see practitioners from such a variety of disciplines taking part.
Peter has found that the high-quality creative input from the sessions is making a really important difference to Fresh Start’s analysis. The meetings have also revealed signs of an emerging consensus on how the arts can forward in D&G, and a sense of optimism that the hard work of the hubs has provided a strong foundation. So, many thanks to all who have been able to take part in these discussions.

The meetings are just one part of a wider, and ongoing, process. Project manager Kathleen O’Neill has been meeting people across the region for some time now and continues to do so. Peter has also made an initial presentation to the Chamber of Arts.
Fresh Start would also like to thank all those who have been in touch about our two employment adverts. There has been a great response to our search for a website designer and for support workers, one from each hub area, to gather core material for our cultural mapping project.

If you wish to apply the deadline is today – Friday, 12 April – so there will still be a few hours for you to rush in an application after this blog is posted.

Further info on these opportunities:

If you would like further information about anything connected with Fresh Start please email Matthew Shelley at or call 07786 704299.

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