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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cinema Petition for Dumfropolis

The Peoples Project have launched an online petition asking Dumfries and Galloway to get behind provision of a multi-screen cinema complex for Dumfries
Early design tests have proved promising - a single washing line could support up to three screens
The petition starts:
Originally the ABC Regal, this was split in 1972 with bingo in the stalls and a single-screen cinema in the old circle area.
The cinema is run-down, dirty, has no disabled access and has only one screen, which means watching all the latest films in impossible. The seats do not appear to have been updated since the 70's, making them very uncomfortable - not to mention the dirty marks over the actual viewing screen!

The alternative? - drive a 60 mile round trip to the Vue Cinema in Carlisle, where they have a multi-screen cinema and comfortable seating, or Annan Cinema (Lonsdale) (30mile round trip). Dumfries is the region's capital, let's make it a better place for everyone!

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