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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fresh Folk for Fresh Start

From Fresh Start for the Arts
The Fresh Start cultural mapping project has just taken a huge step forward with the appointment of our four support workers. We can now push ahead with building up a full picture of who is doing what and where in the arts and cultural sectors cross Dumfries and Galloway.This kind of information is vital if the region’s arts and cultural sector is going take the lead in determining its own future.

The team we have put together – following a day of interviews last week – consists of Cate Ross, Julian Watson, Winnie Cooper and Alan Thomson. We received an amazing response to the adverts with really high quality application the arts sector in D+G never ceases to amaze with its wide range of experience and was a truly difficult task deciding on our team and huge thanks to everyone who applied.
Brighteye is a young and exciting design practice based in Dumfries
At the same time Fresh Start would like to welcome Russell Milligan of Brighteye Design and Branding who is taking on the task of building our new website. This will allow people to access information about the project as it continues to unfold.
We’ll naturally keep everyone informed with progress on the mapping and web fronts. In the meantime, for further information about Fresh Start you can simply email Matthew Shelley at

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