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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Project management support sought

As part of their commission to support new Arts-led structures in D+G, a central part of the Fresh Start for the Arts initiative is to support the Regional Hubs in highlighting some of their local activity – and through this to strengthen cooperative working and make practice and venues more visible locally and from a wider catchment area.

There are a number of ideas in the pipeline on this front - the first of which is to support the Hubs to take part in Environmental Art Festival Scotland - using the regionwide structure of the festival to showcase the work of the Hubs (and their members) and, particularly to allow fellow creative practitioners to visit venues and see work from elsewhere in the region.

Below is a call from Nithsdale Hub - who hope to use the Hub's participation in EAFS as a way of growing capacity in project management locally:

Nithsdale Arts Hub are delighted to be working with EAFS on the new festival which will take place this year.

We are looking for a Project Manager who will be able to support the delivery of four main events in the Nithsdale area throughout a special Nithsdale weekend during the Festival

The role will include supporting participating organisations and artists to make the event successful and enjoyable to a broad ranging audience.

We are particularly interested in hearing from emerging arts managers or young people with a background in Youth Arts within the Nithsdale Area.

The festival runs from 30th August until mid October.  
Calvin and Hobbes on the importance of project management

To apply for this role

There is some funding to support this role of £500 plus additional travel expenses. It is expected that this will involve one full weeks work spread throughout the longer lead in period.

Closing date to apply for this role is 27th May 2013.
Interviews will be held in the afternoon of 30th May 2013.

Should you require information about this role please contact Nithsdale Arts Hub or call us on  01387 271820

Successful person will start immediately. 

Please send a short letter of intent along with a current CV to

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