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Thursday, May 9, 2013

SF Take Over: Annan Taster Exhibition

Spring Fling arrives in quiet Annan next week, as the Taster exhibition travels from one end of D&G to the other. Samples of SF artist's work will take over the Museum for the next month, opening on Friday 17th May, 6-8pm and is open to all.

The exhibition will be grandly opened by Annan's Riding of the Marches principals, including this year's Cornet Gary Williamson. There will also be a performance by 14-year-old cellist Hugo Eedle and his mother Sarah, on the piano.

If that hasn't sold it to you already, there will of course be work by all of this year's Spring Fling participants on show - and besides, Annan could do with a little bit of a creative shake up, and it's shaping up to be a lively evening!

As ever, for more info head to the Spring Fling website

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