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Friday, May 3, 2013

Support the Whithorn Trust

from Matt Baker

Last night there was a reception at Easterbrook Hall hosted by Creative Scotland, there was much acknowledgement of how the cultural sector in D+G is thriving and how this is building strong resilience in our communities.There was discussion of how this success was based on good partnerships and cooperation across sectors and organisations. In particular, D+G Council came in for some glowing praise for how they are getting behind projects in the region - unfortunately this message seems to have escaped the Councillors of the Wigtownshire Area Committee - their decision to drive the Whithorn Trust to the brink of closure flies in the face of what else is happening in the SouthWest - it is utterly baffling and is just plain wrong on every level.

I'd urge all our readers to sign the petition to reverse this course of action and to do everything in their power to Save the Whithorn Trust

Campaign sites:

The Facts:

A cash crisis is threatening an organisation set up to promote the archaeology and heritage of the "cradle of Christianity" in Scotland.
The Whithorn Trust says unless extra funds can be found it could be forced to close within a matter of weeks.It runs a visitor centre and museum on the history of Whithorn, where St Ninian established a church in 397 AD.
However, it could be forced to shut this summer as a result of an £18,500 funding shortfall. The trust said it would mean the loss of seven jobs and cost the local economy more than £500,000 in lost revenue from visitors.
A Facebook campaign and online petition have been launched calling on the local council, church authorities and the Scottish government to recognise the national significance of Whithorn.The trust said it wanted the town to become part of Scotland's core museum provision and to be allocated central funding. 

The Whithorn Trust

Lets not beat around the bush here:
1. Whithorn is a heritage centre of world importance - the Priory was founded by St Ninian who is one of the two early missionaries credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland
2. The Whithorn School of Early Mediaeval Sculpture is also of international significance - how can D+G possibly expect to be taken seriously as a 'National Home of Art and Environment' if we close one of the jewels in our artistic crown?
3. The buildings, facilities and activities of the Whithorn Trust are part of the very basic community infrastructure of Whithorn. Ideas, initiatives, support, learning and resilience grow from key places where people meet and do things - the Trust is one of THE places where things happen in Whithorn - by closing it the Council is sending a powerful message to the people of Whithorn.
4. As an international visitor attraction and study centre The Whithorn Trust is a vital link to commerce and communication with the wider world, as such, its benefit for our local population is beyond measure - let alone the measurable economic benefits. 


The distinctive Whithorn carving style is one of the foundations of art history in Scottish and World culture
The Whithorn Trust Visitor Centre and Community Resource

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  1. We have just been emailed a link to Dumfries and Galloway's Culture Strategy (published 2009) - on page 16 this lists the 6 Regional Strategic Cultural Priorities for D+G.

    One of the 6 priorities is: 'Development of Whithorn as a cradle of Christianity in Scotland and a place of modern pilgrimage'

    Link to Cultural Strategy -

    Go figure.....