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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unite against Fascism in Dumfries - 18 May

From the Dumfries Trade Union Council

Dear friends
As you will know Dumfries Trade Union Council has called a demonstration and rally on Saturday 18th May to celebrate the multicultural identity of Dumfries & Galloway.

This is our positive response to the news that the thugs of the “Scottish Defence League” have decided to come to Dumfries that day to try to spread their racist islamophobic message.

They and their friends from the English Defence League blame all the problems of society on minority communities and target Muslims in particular – just as Hitler’s Brownshirts focussed on Jews in Germany in the 1920s.

They must not go unchallenged!

Our intention is to hold as large a peaceful demonstration as possible through Dumfries to broadcast the message that Dumfries & Galloway is proud to welcome people from other parts of the world and that racist hatred has no place in our communities.
The demonstration assembles at the Greensands (the site of the old swimming pool) at 10.30 and proceeds at 11.00 via Buccleuch St., High St, English St & Annan Road to Noblehill Park.

At Noblehill Park our rally will continue from 12 noon until we hear that the SDL Nazis have left Dumfries.
There we will hear short messages from 4 main speakers including Larry Flanagan General Secretary of the EIS (the main Scottish teachers union), Dave Moxham of the STUC and 2 speakers from the anti-racist organisation Unite Against Fascism interspersed by music from many cultures and protest songs. This has been organised by a local youth group who have chosen as the theme for the rally Love Music – Hate Racism.

The rally will be chaired by Russell Brown MP.

There will also be short messages of support from community organisations, faith groups and political parties.

We are keen to encourage people who cannot manage the demonstration to take part in the rally. There are no seats in Noblehill Park and local parking is limited but there is plenty of grass or you could bring your own seat.

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