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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Question of Highlights

At the last count there were just over 300 people signed up to The Commonty mailing list to receive our weekly email with info about the blog and general witterings about things arty in D+G. (NB if this first sentence makes no sense to you and you'd like to know more - check out info here)

The Weekly Commonty email has followed the same format for some considerable time and there has been plenty of great feedback about it - it has even been imitated by others, such as the good people of we figured we'd got it about right. It is always good to be questioned on what you are doing though and last week we received an email from one of the region's writers about the format of the weekly email.

to highlight or not to highlight?
It has been our practice to have a list of about 5 'highlights' in the weekly email - our thinking was to whet peoples appetite to look at the blog generally and that this would lead people to explore more generally and so find all that weeks' posts. Also we felt that some of our 300 readers are not intimately connected with the arts in the region and the 'headlines' gave them a useful connection to what was happening here even if they didn't go through the entire blog.

Our correspondent suggested to us that our highlights came across as us favouring some events above others....and that we should either feature everything (bit pointless - because we might as well not bother with the blog at all if everything is in the email) OR feature nothing at all and just direct people to the blog.

What does everyone else think? Our content is 95% contributed by our readers - let us know if you are happy with how we represent it - or whether you'd like to see changes.


  1. I really like the 'highlights'.

    Following one of the links often means I end up reading a lot of other things on the Commonty. I think with the mixed bag of highlights no one could possibly accuse you of favoritism.

    How boring if you were reduced to directing people to the blog each week. What's the point of a weekly email then?

  2. I agree with Zoe. Highlights brings me news and information on events or activities I might otherwise have missed.