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Monday, June 3, 2013

Into the Wild - Residency Opportunity

"What is interesting about the term "The Wild", is it's semi-redundant meaning in contemporary Europe, having come to refer more to a philosophical or cultural idea of being outside of society, or lacking human control; something that is all but impossible in the contemporary European landscape. 

We are interested to hear from artists who are excited by the challenge of making work in a semi-wild place, networking and collaborating with 19 other artists from across Europe, and taking part in filmed debates about contemporary art practice." 

Sound interesting? The Wild Project has opened a call out for applications from artists to take part in a two week residency in the Czech Republic exploring the theme of 'The Wild'. 

"Responses might tackle environmental concerns, explore social relationships in nature, or explore mythology and folklore- or any number of other ways of tackling the term “The Wild”. Applications will be accepted from musicians and artists that work with lo-fi media technologies, sculpture, drawing, filmmaking, performance, or simply those wishing to challenge their formal practice of any kind."

Head to the projects website here for more details

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