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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Chance to see... Suitcase of the Dying Village @ Catstrand

Tom Pow's exhibition, the Suitcase of the Dying Village, is only on at the Catstrand until the end of this week, so if you've not yet visited, now's your chance!
The Suitcase of the Dying Village by Tom Pow
This exhibition is a multi-media response by poet, Tom Pow, to one of the great defining moments in human history, encapsulated in the recent statistic that more people now live in cities than in rural areas. Through a series of travel essays, stories, photographs and poems, his book, In Another World, explores what this means for some of the most rapidly depopulating areas of Europe. But, as he documented these areas in words and in photographs, so the project developed a strong, collaborative, visual element. The Suitcase of the Dying Village thus includes, in addition to his own words and images, collaborative artworks with sculptor Elizabeth Waugh, ceramicist Archie McCall, artist Denise Zygadlo, craft artist Lizzie Farey, embroiderery by the Busy Bees of Ae and sound work by Ben Bryden and Steve Burns. The exhibition, like the book, is an invitation to remember and reflect on one of the most significant developments affecting Europe today.

Visit the dying villages website here or the catstrand website for more info

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