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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Local Success in Imagining Natural Scotland project funding

Good news that one of our leading local artists has been awarded funding as part of the Imagining Natural Scotland project! Jo Hodges won the award for her proposal 'A new EIA for Natural Scotland: Environment, Imagination and Aesthetics' - INS is one of the flagship initiatives of 2013 Year of Natural Scotland and involves projects created in collaboration between artists and scientists.

this weeks announcement from INS:
Now that all the applicants have been notified, we are delighted to be able to announce the successful applications to the Imagining Natural Scotland project fund.
The quality of entries to the INS project fund was extremely high, and with over 100 entries to assess, deciding which projects to select proved extremely difficult. However, after careful consideration and much discussion the fifteen projects selected were as follows (in no particular order):

1/ 'Caledonia: the Forest Is Moving, Breadalbane' - Collins & Goto Studio
2/ 'Dreaming Scotland' - Lowri Potts
 3/ 'Mirror Lands' - Mark Lyken
4/ 'A new EIA for Natural Scotland: Environment, Imagination and Aesthetics' - Jo Hodges
Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman - Biosphere Drinking Fountain (part of Dark Skies Residency 2012- ongoing)
5/ 'Montrose Bay: The Changing Coast' - Jean Duncan
6/ 'Wild Land' - Simon Fildes
7/ 'Thinking like a Mountain' - Esther Woolfson 
8/ 'Search Film' - Duncan Marquiss

 9/ 'Through The Looking Glass – Clyde Reflections' - Stephen Hurrel 
10/ 'Portraits of Scots Pine' - Marcus Leotaud 
11/ 'Water of Life' - Rob St John 
12/ 'Graphic Archaeology' - Lisa Mackenzie, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, 
13/ 'Making space for water: a poetry of place' - Hazel Lesley Harrison
14/ 'Barnacles – Fish or Fowl' - Philippa Mitchell 
15/ 'Tales From The River Tweed' - Bright Club 
Mark Lyken and Teo Moneyless - 'Forms and Spaces' (Recoat Gallery)

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  1. Further info : The award for 'A New EIA for Natural Scotland' has gone to a team consisting of Jo Hodges, Robbie Coleman and Professor Claire Haggett from Edinburgh University