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Monday, June 24, 2013

Parley in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Art Festival's theme for this year's 10 public artworks is Parley. To celebrate, we've invited leading and emerging artists to participate in a series of events that open up dialogue and debate on a range of ideas. If you find yourself in the big city from the 1st August to the 1st September, check out the website for what's on. Events include: 

Collins & Goto

Parley Discussion: Is all the Hot Air Worth It?
10th August 2013
Artistic activity produces tonnes of CO2 – particularly the international movement of artists, artworks and audiences. What responsibility do artists and arts organisations have to use the form, content and framing of their work to address climate change? With a provocation from the artists Collins & Goto, Creative Carbon Scotland’s discussion invites contributions from across the arts.

Parley Discussion: Real life Parledonia
2nd August 2013
Artist Ross Sinclair adopts the role of ring master to direct a loose array of speakers, performers and artists, in debating questions such as: 'what is Parley? And what is Caledonia? And how might they come together locally, nationally and internationally? What is the job description of 'artists' in a small damp Northern European country in 2013? What is a 'creative life' and how can the idea be articulated by ourselves and others at this particularly complicated moment in time?'.

Robert Montgomery Fire Poem detail

Parley: Robert Montgomery in Conversation
13th August 2013
Robert Montgomery is a London-based, Scottish artist who works in post-situationist tradition. His practice is based on capturing audience’s attention through intervening in urban spaces, and therefore questioning the language and voice of private commercial interests on public streets.

Commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival, Montgomery’s new sculptural poem, created in oak and situated on The Mound, will be burnt on the opening day of the festival. This is an opportunity to hear the artist talk about his work for the festival and about his wider practice. 

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