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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Detroit SOUP - exciting ideas from across the Pond

Happened across this interesting project on Radio 4 the other day.... 
Detroit SOUP
"SOUP is 
a collaborative situation
a public dinner
a platform for connection
a theatrical environment
a democratic experiment in micro-funding
a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
a forum for critical but accessible discussion
an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit"

Once a month over soup and salad, four creative ideas with positive impacts on Detroit life are presented - followed by a vote - the idea with the most votes is given a small grant made up of donations by all those present. Simples. 
Projects funded have included grassroots neighbourhood improvement groups, the empowered flower girl - encouraging self motivation and sisterhood, urban production and teaching farms. Awards are relatively small and (read "micro-grants") but can kickstart all kinds of ventures and possibilities.

Dumfries Soup anyone?
For more info head to their website

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