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Friday, July 26, 2013

EAFS - The Full Line Up - Announced!

The full programme for EAFS has been announced this week, in case you hadn't already heard... from Shamanistic Performances to participatory beach scuplture, from a new exhibition by artists' group IRIS to film screenings and the EAFS Gatherings - discussions focusing around some of the main themes and topics of this year's festival that will surround the programmes four main commissions (already announced - see previous commonty posts for more details!)

 Discussion: The EAFS Gatherings – four discussions led by artists, scientists and envronmentalists
·        Film: Speaking the Land, by Dalziel and Scullion and Breathing Earth: Susumu Shingu’s Dream by Thomas Riedelshelmer. 
'Trailer' for Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream by Thomas Riedelsheimer

·        Dance: Walking the Tide – a spectacular participatory dance event by Jo Hodges and Florencia Garcia Chafuen which creates a choregraphed (joint initiative with the Solway Firth Partnership) procession over the causeway from Kippford to Rough Island.
The Dairy House - a project exploring our connection with food and it's local production by the Open Jar Collective

·        Sculpture: Balmond Studio: Exhibition about Star of Caledonia. See a 1m wide scale model of the artwork, which will tower around 40m above the landscape when it is built. Things that Befell us in Those Strange Times, sculptural installations and timescapes presented by archaeologists Macgregor and Shearer.
·        Performance and FaithTenger Gazariin Dund (Sky and Earth – The chance to witness a Mongolian shaman performing traditional rituals and learn about the spiritual practices of her people.
Maxwell in Music - Local harper Wendy Stewart collaborates with sonic explorer James Wyness

·        Participatory Sculpture: Solway Sea Monster - The public help artist Alice Francis built a giant sea monster using flotsam and driftwood gathered in community beach clear ups (joint initiative with the Solway Firth Partnership).
·        ExhibitionPlace Identity Memory 2 – An international exhibition of artist made books which develop the idea of place.

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