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Friday, July 26, 2013

I Could Eat a Horse - Films about Food

Food is a subject that unifies and divides both personally and politically. A Moment’s Peace will work with groups across Scotland to develop ideas and find unique angles to explore their relationships with food. It’s  not just the eating, groups will consider the growing, preparing, buying selling, cooking, having, not having - whichever angle the group choose, their film will provide a platform for a local perspective. Each film will seek to provoke debate. The creative team delivering the workshops will be made up of three local artists: a drama artist, digital artist and a composer. These professionals will work with each group to create a 5-minute film. At the end of the project, the groups will come together for a screening of each film at a local event.
Playing with Food - A Cookbook: Memories and Meals with Cranhill residents. Part of a previous food related project by A Moments Peace.


Six two-hour workshops will be delivered weekly in a local venue between September and October 2013.
The local event will take place in November 2013.

Wider Context

This project will run in four areas of Scotland. In each area a different local team will work with groups, each producing a 5-minute film. We hope this project will produce 12 short films, each approaching a universal subject from different perspectives provoking discussion, inspiring and providing an insight into a diverse range of relationships with food.

Why Food

FOOD is the ultimate currency of survival. It differentiates between the poorest and wealthiest and dictates the potential of all human life. It is vital both globally and personally to every individual but our current relationship with food and the way in which we grow, import/export and consume food is not sustainable. Furthermore, it has the potential to represent as many  varied things as celebration, communion, sensuality, history, exploitation and guilt. It is for these reasons A Moment’s Peace made the decision to begin researching the human stories behind its significance. Before starting any project A Moment’s Peace embarks upon a sustained research process. This enables us to demonstrate a need for an artistic response and ensures the project we develop is the most appropriate model.

About A Moment’s Peace

A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company was set up as a means for artists  and audiences to explore the inextricable links between the personal and the political, the local and the global. By fusing emotional, physical and visual detail we strive to create dynamic and original pieces of theatre and performance projects as a way of telling new stories, creating platforms for the experiences of unheard voices, and finding imaginative ways of re-examining seemingly familiar narratives. We seek to encourage ourselves and our audiences to re-imagine the world we live in and see it as a place brimming with possibility of change.  

For more information please contact Jodie Wilkinson (Project Manager)
Check out the website for more about the theatre company

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